“I’ve been appointed with Financial Services for a number of years…..Danny has always been so helpful to me in trying to grow my business.  He endures week-end and late evening phone calls as I travel to many rural areas in Tennessee and see folks whenever they are available no matter how late.  I appreciate his help and experience more than I can say.”
Debi B.

“After 21 years as a captive agent, I partnered with Danny and Sharon Haire at Financial Services Inc. in January 2011. Financial Services Inc. has the resources (leads, carrier connections, competitive commissions, and superior support staffing in Stacey, Tammie, and others) to make any agent successful in the Final Expense and Senior Supplemental markets, as well as Ordinary and Annuity markets. Danny’s vast knowledge of the market place has helped me grow my business as well as my INCOME annually! I highly recommend any new or experienced agents to partner with Danny, Sharon, and Financial Services Inc. Their knowledge, integrity, support, and honesty will make it easier for you to grow your business and income!”
Russ G.

“As a young agent starting out in the Insurance industry, I have had the luxury of working with a large company like FSI to guide me through the process of growth within the industry. FSI’s Founder Danny Haire has knowledge across the board in the Senior Insurance markets, and his approachable personality makes him the ideal person to have mentoring and advising me as I advance my career. The large assortment of providers offered through FSI allows an agent to have a substantial product mix to offer his clients with a product for every need.”
Nick K.

“I am an insurance broker out of Tennessee. I have been in the industry for more than thirty years I met Danny Haire (FSI) about fifteen years ago. I am proud to be affiliated with Danny Haire (FSI). You cannot ask for better marketing or support in the field. Danny and his wife Sharon have helped my career in so many ways. I am very lucky to be on the same team with them sincerely”
Tim B.