Supplemental Health Coverage

Fighting Cancer, recovering from a heart attack or stroke, or healing after an accident is expensive. Along with medical bills, there are many non-medical expenses that can pile up. You may be unable to work, or your spouse may need to take time off to care for you.

Supplemental Health products help give you a financial cushion to help you continue to pay your living expenses while you or your loved one is critically ill or injured. These products pay a tax-free lump sum cash benefit to you if you are diagnosed with cancer, a heart attack, or a stroke or if you experience a covered accidental injury, depending on the coverage you select.

Lump Sum Accident Policy*

  • Issues ages: 18 -70 (for family coverage, primary insured’s age will be used). The spouse can be older than 70 as long as they are no more than 10 years older than primary insured.
  • Coverage type: Individual or Family
  • Pays a lump sum for several benefit categories (must be secondary to an accidental injury).
  • Includes: ambulance ride, emergency room visits, facture, dislocation, laceration, burn, dismemberment, or death.
  • The child accidental death benefit is 25% of the primary insured. All other child benefits are the same as the primary insured.

Lump Sum Cancer Policy*

  • Issue ages: 18 – 85
  • Coverage type: Individual or Family
  • Pays a lump sum on diagnosis of cancer, including cancer in-situ.
  • Skin cancer receives a one-time payment which varies by issue state. TX = 1% up to $300. All other states = flat $500.
  • Benefit recovers over 5 years once cancer is determined to be in remission. (10% after one year, then 20%, 30%, 50%, 100%)
  • Optional rider: Heart/Stroke coverage
  • If a person is eligible for and wants all critical illness coverages, they get a cancer policy with a heart attack/stroke rider.

Lump Sum Heart Attack or Stroke Policy*

  • Issue ages: 18 – 85
  • Coverage type: Individual or Family
  • Pays a lump sum on diagnosis of a heart attack or stroke.
  • Coronary artery bypass graft surgery: one-time payment of 50% of base lump sum; Coronary angioplasty: one-time payment of 25% of base lump sum.
  • Benefit recovers over 5 years after previous heart attack or stroke

*All policies may not be available in all states.